Covid-19 Update

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To resume 40% of its schedules in July

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Emirates Airlines are set to resume flights from Heathrow to Dubai & Melbourne commencing on 21st May.

Travellers are advised that they will only be accepted if they comply with the eligibility and entry criteria requirements of their final destination.

For most that will involve proof of residency.  In the UAE, residents wishing to return to Dubai, approval is required from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship via the UAE Twajudi Resident service.  Quarantines are also in place in many of the destinations: in the UAE, passengers should expect two separate tests as well as a 14-day quarantine when entering the country.

The Melbourne government has stated that all international passengers arriving at Victorian airports must go into mandatory quarantine for 14 days from the day of their arrival.

In addition to the scheduled services, the airline is continuing to work with embassies and consulates to facilitate repatriation flights. This week, flights will operate from Dubai to Tokyo Narita (15 May), Conakry (16 May), and Dakar (16 May).

Emirates is not the only carrier to begin offering non-repatriation passenger flights. Etihad Airways will resumes its regular service between the UK and Australia via Abu Dhabi startin May 15th, whilst Wizz Air announced it would launch new flights between Abu Dhabi and five European cities in Hungary, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria starting this June.

Emirates along with other airlines has introduced social distancing on its flights, all seating is pre-allocated allowing a vacant seat between individual passengers to observe the social distancing protocol.

All employees who come in to direct contact with passengers are wearing personal protective equipment including a protective disposable gown over their uniforms, a safety visor in addition to masks and gloves.

At Dubai International Airport, gloves and masks are compulsory for all customers and employees.  Thermal scanners monitor the temperatures of all passengers and employees stepping into the airport.  Social distancing markers have been placed at waiting areas to help maintain the necessary distance at both check-in and boarding.

Emirates have modified their inflight services.  Food and beverages are offered in bento style boxes to reduce contact between cabin crew and passengers during meal service.  The boxes contain sandwiches, beverages, snacks and desserts.

There are no printed reading materials available to reduce the risk of spreading by touch.

Cabin baggage is not accepted on any flights. Passengers are only permitted to laptop, handbag or briefcase.  All other baggage must be checked-in and Emirates have added the cabin baggage allowance to the check-in baggage allowance.

Passengers must wear masks and gloves throughout their journey from check-in to disembarkation.

Every Emirates aircraft will go through an enhanced cleaning and disinfection process in Dubai after each journey.

Passengers must comply with the entry requirements for their home country.


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